Our custom analysis packages are specific to your brewery helping ensure you brew consistently high quality products. The laboratory team use information about your brewery that will cover all your brewing analysis requirements all the way from basic chemical understanding through to advanced genomic microbiological control.

Once we have the required information about your brewing equipment, products and brewing schedule, we create a tailormade due diligence plan. This is aimed at giving you confidence in the microbiological status of your plant and final products, as well as allowing you to assess brewing consistency in terms of the ABV, pH, colour and bitterness. The parameters define the flavours of the final products, so by comparing results for the same beers over time you can access how true to type they are.

The plan ensures compliance with industry codes of practice such as SIBA, covers HM revenue and customs requirements, and can be shown to prospective trade clients to demonstrate quality control and brewery standards. Information correct as of December 2018.

Our Due Diligence packages qualify for a discount from our normal list prices.

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We will then discuss the plan with you to ensure your needs are covered and you are happy with the overall aims, sampling regime, costing and payment plan.

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